How to enjoy?

You can eat them straight out of the package if you like. However, the following recommendation enhances the flavor and melts the mouthwatering caramel inside the waffle. Place the waffle on top of your hot cup of chocolate milk, coffee or tea. Wait a few seconds until the steam melts the caramel inside the waffle, and enjoy! Alternatively, use a microwave (5-10 seconds) so the caramel becomes soft and chewy and gives you that delicious Distinctly Dutch taste!

A winter warm up

A gentle warming can really bring out the flavor of the caramel. You can microwave the waffle arranged on a plate for 10 – 15 seconds or use the more traditional method by balancing them on top of your hot tea or coffee cup and let the heat of your drink warm the caramel.

A summer treat

Make ice cream sandwiches! Use two caramel waffles , spread softened ice cream on one cookie and top it with the other. Place in your freezer until ice cream is firm…..and then simply enjoy!

Decorate your deserts

Serve custard, ice cream or pudding with a wedge of a waffle. On a flat surface, cut a waffle in to quarters with a sharp straight edged knife. Tuck one caramel waffle triangle into each bowl. Delicious…

Try our authentic, Distinctly Dutch stroopwafels today!