Famous bakery craftmanchip

The caramel waffle , called “STROOPWAFEL” in Dutch, is the top selling confectionery product in the Dutch market. It’s a traditional Dutch treat and a favourite of all ages of consumers.

Two crispy golden cookies are baked in a special waffle iron, and soft chewy caramel is sandwiched in between them. The Distinctly Dutch waffles are being produced with utmost care, by using top quality ingredients.

A total number of around 750.000.000 waffles are consumed annually in Holland, or 44 per capita. Today there is a growing demand worldwide for the Dutch caramel waffles from the Middle East to the United States, Australia, Korea Japan and China.
The baker blows the horn to announce that fresh bread, pastries and caramel waffles are now available. (painting by Adriaan de Lelie)
Gouda, the town, where in 1784 the Stroopwafel was first produced. (painting by Dirk Johannes van Vreumingen)
The world famous windmills in the Dutch landscape, then and now.
The interior of a Dutch corn mill where the baker’s flour is produced.