Where to get?

Distinctly Dutch, the most delectable Dutch waffle of them all, can increasingly be found in convenience stores, coffee shops, gas stations, delicatessen stores, as well as many other places.

If they are not available in your area, ask for our brand, because only the best stroopwafels will do!

How to enjoy?

You can eat them straight out of the package if you like. However, the following recommendation enhances the flavor and melts the mouthwatering caramel inside the waffle. Place the waffle on top of your hot cup of chocolate milk, coffee or tea. Wait a few seconds until the steam melts the caramel inside the waffle, and enjoy! Alternatively, use a microwave (5-10 seconds) so the caramel becomes soft and chewy and gives you that delicious Distinctly Dutch taste!

The Making of..

The Dutch caramel waffle, called “STROOPWAFEL” in Dutch, is the top selling confectionery product in Holland with approximately 750.000.000 waffles consumed annually and is a firm favorite with all ages.